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About us

SpidySoft-IT Group is miles above the rest as an exceptional IT development Firm. We have a strong team who are highly experienced in Website,Applications,Graphics design and development. There are a number of Website,Applications,Graphics companies, but SpidySoft-IT Group has become the most reliable source of Website,Applications,Graphics Development among the clients because of its unique Website,Applications,Graphics, quality of service, affordable price and good customer relation.

Company History

SpidySoft IT Group is an IT Solutions and Development Freelancing Firm. Interested in freelancing of young and entrepreneurs and started online journey as a convenient technology development and service provider. On July 15, 2016, online activities were started by S S Gupta Bappy own fund by reviewing young entrepreneur S S Gupta Bappy and young mobile app developer Hriday Baidya.


  • Name of the Company: SpidySoft IT Group

  • Service: Provides IT Solution & Digital IT Innovation

  • Slogan: “Ultimate InfoTech Solution”

  • Current Permanent Staff: 50

  • Country of Operation: Bangladesh, Cyprus, USA 


  • SpidySoft IT.

  • SpidyHosting.


Through the country

SpidySoft IT aims to ensure the participation of ordinary people of the country's digital development by providing technology development services using online. Customers can accept technology services from anywhere. SpidySoft IT is a website based on the website and it is reaching the people through two corporate offices. In view of this, SpidySoft IT can be a freelancer district programmer in every district of the country, in order to avail the services from any remote region of the country.
New entrepreneur

SpidySoft IT offers the highest service and support for new entrepreneurs.

SpidySoft IT performs any work in an intelligent way.

New entrepreneurs can take the technology service easily and at low cost. With the introduction of technology to enter the process of technology, the time and labor required to get technology services will be reduced by reaching the rush of the population.
Safe & Secure

Every service offers the latest technology to protect the security of SpidySoft IT. Different Board SpidySoft IT is considered to be safe keeping your information safe. Our security and compliance system is regularly audited to ensure quality technology services.

Convenient - SpidySoft IT customers can easily access technology services online or through mobile phones at any point of the country. 18 hours a day (9 am to 3 pm) 7 days a week, you can take technology services through web, skype, mobile, social media, email, WhatsApp and personal service software. Anybody can take this service from any point of view, very easily.


SpidySoft IT is an IT Solutions and Development Firm. Ensure a comprehensive range of technology development and services for the main mission and Vision young entrepreneurs of Soft IT. Particularly involved with technology development activities by providing affordable, secure, convenient, reliable technology services to new entrepreneurs across the country. More than 60 percent of the total population of Bangladesh live in the village. Wherever it is difficult to get technician at any time but using the technology services for their own state and country's development, the young entrepreneurs of this village are more in need of such services.


SpidySoft IT is working primarily to not only use primary technology, but also to create a digital Bangladesh by providing the services of all the youth and entrepreneurs through a technology-driven platform using honesty of various network communications. SpidySoft IT is committed to building technology development and digital Bangladesh on the basis of technology development and service based on the potentially powerful technology-based platform.

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